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Our Story

Part of the pleasure of travel is finding unique things that reflect the beauty of another culture. On a trip to Morocco in the early '90's, Glenn and Ellen Wunderley discovered classically beautiful wood boxes fashioned in tiny shops. These boxes, and the burled Thuja wood they were made from were so exquisite that we wanted to share them with people in the US who appreciate fine, hand-crafted items.  For this reason, we formed Wunderley, Inc.

 We now make regular trips to this exotic land where the souks are filled with artisans working with the most basic materials and tools. The art they create reflects the beauty of a culture that Europe knew as the Moors in Spain - a culture rich in Islamic art as it melded with other ideas at this crossroads of Africa, Arabia and Europe. We are fascinated by the ability of a poor people to create beauty from what we in America would consider nothing. We are happy to work with hardworking craftspeople, to encourage quality control and to introduce some of their products and culture to the American market.

Our travels also led us to other treasures of the Mediterranean region that we had not seen in this country. In Damascus, another ancient crossroads, we found artisans skilled in the old art of Intarsia, or inlay of fine wood, shell and mother-of-pearl in wood boxes and furniture,.  We also found artisans making beautiful beaded lighting and lanterns that we are happy to bring to the American market.

It is our pleasure to continue our search for fine products new to the U.S. market. We receive personal satisfaction by being able to offer an outlet to a number of superb craftspeople. We also know that our efforts to import these objects significantly upgrades the quality of life for these hard-working people.

When we chose to put our name on the company, we made a commitment to quality, value and customer satisfaction. We are proud to stand behind our name, knowing that it stands for uniquely beautiful products, help to people in third world countries, and to your satisfaction.